yummy: simple creamy potato soup

I decided to start off my weekly new recipe adventures with a soup from Ashley at The Edible Perspective. Her blog is one of the many healthy living blogs that I read daily. She creates tons of recipes and amazing food photography.

I was drawn to her blog from the start because photography runs in my family. Both my grandpa and dad love it. My grandpa was an avid photographer with his own darkroom. I even have one of his large format cameras! Very cool. My dad had a darkroom a while back also but has now converted to digital and uses a Canon D frequently on his travels.

Because of my own love of photography I thought I’d finally take a shot at using a digital camera on the manual setting, starting with food photography (a la Ashley). This is my first good attempt at using the manual setting. I mean, I have a minor in photography but I only knew how to use a manual on REAL (film) cameras. Once I figured out how to adjust the aperture and shutter speed on the digital I was good to go. It still boggles my mind though. There IS no real shutter on this camera?! Technology is crazy.

Less talking and more eating!


The recipe was quite simple. It also doesn’t have a lot of ingredients which is always a plus when cooking during the week. I seem to never have enough time! Too many dogs to walk I guess. 🙂

potatoes, garlic, & spices

I pumped up the garlic and cheese a bit only because we can’t get enough in this house. In the end, it turned out great! The soup was creamy even without any dairy mixed in and the spices and cheese gave it nice flavor.

the finished product (I ran out of natural light, yikes)

The leftovers were gone by lunch the next day. Success for my first new recipe in a while!

Oh and here’s the link to the original recipe. You should give it a try!

My desire to work on my photography has come back. I am inspired and can’t wait to see my skill improve while testing out lots of healthy, tasty recipes.

Look for another one next week!