volunteering – day 2

Holy eye-opening experience batman.

I drove past the house of my most recent volunteer adventure twice before I saw another car pull up and decided that I should actually stop. I was alone in a somewhat scary part of town in front of a super old house that was painted all over with crazy sayings and colors. What in the…

Once I was inside I met everyone. The people running the show as well as the regulars were major characters – lots of piercings, tattoos, and expressive clothing. To prove all negative stereotyping wrong they were all SUPER nice and welcoming. Note that I was still a little uneasy so I decided not to take any photos while I was there just in case anyone objected.

Now the organization serves vegetarian meals to about 30-100 low-income families and the homeless every Sunday. I was there to help prepare the meals.

A man delivered some expired food from local grocery stores. We then sifted through the boxes and decided on what to make for dinner and dessert.

While prepping the food, everyone made small talk. Some people had regular jobs some had no jobs, some people couldn’t even afford Starbucks if they wanted to (this shocked me and my naive self). No matter what their troubles were in their own lives, they were still there working away to help people less fortunate than them. Amazing.

I interacted with people that I would never speak to or even really run into normally. It was a breath of fresh air. Again, an eye-opening experience.

I do have one regret from the day and it’s that I didn’t stay for the completion of the meals and the delivery. I’m not sure if I got the whole experience because I didn’t interact with the actual people that I was volunteering to help. Not to dish out excuses but my sister was alone with Olivia and since Olivia’s too scared of her she hadn’t gone to the bathroom all day. She ended up peeing in the house but I thought I should get back to take her out. Maybe next time I’ll stay for the whole thing. I’m hoping to bring along the family then too.

I am so so glad I didn’t chicken out. It was a wonderful experience.

the job hunt

How in the world do I convince people that I truly want to change careers? My gut is telling me this is what I need to do is that not good enough?

Yesterday afternoon I had a job interview for a great non-profit. I was super excited because I really thought I was going to get it – I even have the same alma mater as the interviewer, that’s always a plus! But it didn’t go very well or at least I’m pretty sure it didn’t. The woman wasn’t convinced that a person with a Masters in Fine Arts would truly want to completely change careers, get paid way less, and work part-time. But I DO, I REALLY do! I even explained how I was going to keep making art on the side while working at her company. That way I still get to help people and create – my two loves. Alas, I couldn’t say anything to wipe the disappointed (?) look on her face.

Depressing. I came home after my 10 minute interview and then sat on my pretty bay window and cried while the dogs stared at me. I was just so excited to get out of a job that pains me and be free to pursue my other passions. I know I know, this sounds SUPER dramatic but I’ve been wanting out of this job for a while now so to be so close yet so far is a total bummer. Ah, the ups and downs of the hunt.

I’m going somewhere with this venting don’t you worry.

After stuffing my face and getting over my sad self I felt a little better. And after a semi-good nights sleep I felt MUCH better. It’s a brand new day. There are new jobs to hunt and more connections to be made. I applied to another job today and decided on which volunteer opportunity I’ll be taking part in this weekend. Everyone loves a plan!

I just need to stay focused on my goals and stick with the plan. If I waiver one day I can jump back on route the next. Eventually it’ll all work out the way it should. That sounds convincing, right??

A little interpretation of this post for your viewing pleasure: