yummy: mexican lasagna

Every Friday night my husband and I have a discussion over where we’re going out to eat. My suggestion is almost always mexican. I love mexican food. I repeat. I LOVE mexican food. So when I saw this recipe from Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point, I knew I had to make it. Four ingredients to make a dish that resembles the disgustingly delicious mexican pizza at Taco Bell? Heck yeah! Now I can avoid Taco Hell Bell and eat a much healthier version at home.

You know the recipe is great if you interrupt your family in mid-conversation multiple times by yelling “Scrumptious!!” and then smiling like a weirdo.

The recipe can be found here. Now I did change it up a little bit – I added in crazy habanero cheddar just because it was on sale and then I also used diced tomatoes as the garnish instead of salsa because I forgot to buy more. I always seem to forget just ONE item on my list. Does that happen to you??

I went photo crazy with this recipe just to let you know. Shooting with the manual setting is so much fun!

the materials


layered up


um excuse me, can I have some cheese?


the results!


my second helping

Random but relevant:
Do you see the smiley face in the photo above? Okay well my Dad, sister, and I love finding faces in odd places because of this commercial. I even hinted at this odd obsession in a caption from the oven post.  Did you see the face in the oven?

To continue our habit, I’ve decided that with every food post I’m going to have one photo with a ‘face’ in it. It’s fun!! Just go with it.

So this recipe, you need to make it soon! You won’t regret it and especially not the extra cheese that you’re going to add. 🙂