homemade lemon-limeade

Al and I love us some lemonade. I don’t know about him but it reminds me of growing up in the hot, humid Florida summers. A glass of lemonade and lots of ice. I can just hear my mom say ‘Ah.’ when chugging a glass after working outside in the yard. I’ll bet she still does it!

These days Al and I stick to water to hydrate but with the summer temperatures creeping up quickly, I thought it’d be nice to find a more natural lemonade drink with a little less sugar that I can make at home.

I turned to one of my many ripped out magazine pages for help. This one happened to be from Yoga Journal.

Since I was only looking for an everyday drink and not a sports drink, I altered the recipe. I skipped the salt and added in some lime for kicks… oh and sugar. 🙂

In the mix:

3 quarts hot water
1/2 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup honey
4 tbs sugar

You won’t have a problem mixing it all together at one time as long as the water is hot. After the honey and sugar is dissolved, add a lot of ice and then enjoy it on the back porch!

It may seem like a lot of sweetener but it isn’t! Not compared to ‘real’ lemonade at least. Cups and cups of sugar go into those recipes.

Because of the smaller amount of sugar, the sweetness is subtle but I find that it’s a great healthier alternative to water. And if you’re training for a marathon (!!) or just exercising a good amount, you can easily add some salt into the mix to make it a sports drink that’ll help your recovery.

Now that I’ve attempted my first drink I’d love to experiment with different flavors. A little juice added or fresh muddled fruit perhaps?

Do you have any drink recipes up your sleeve? I’d love to hear them!