doggy treats

Growing up I used to love making cookie cutter cookies around the holidays. Rolling out the dough, choosing your shapes, it was just fun!

These days I make them for the girls in the form of dog treats. I found this recipe a while back and still use it although I often substitute one sweet potato for the pumpkin. To prep the sweet potato I just punch a couple fork holes into the skin and then cook it in the microwave until soft. I also mash it up with a fork to help it mix into the dough better. Also note that I usually add in 2 tablespoons of water. You’re supposed to add in enough to make the dough ‘workable’ and that amount has worked for me every time.

The dough is SUPER sticky so you’ll have to have flour handy to coat it, the rolling pin, and your hands frequently. Make sure you take your rings off!

I bought these cute bone-shaped cookie cutters from Martha Stewart last year and have been making the treats from scratch ever since. I would think it’s a bit cheaper than buying the more ‘natural’ treats that I usually get from the store so that’s a plus.

Whenever I make them, I bake a double batch to stock up the cookie jar. I even break the treats in half because my dogs aren’t that big so they last a long while.

You may see a couple burnt ones in the jar but I keep them anyways since the dogs don’t seem to care! They loooove them!

Is there anything special that you like to make from scratch?