yummy: cucumber salad

Most nights last year I would steam veggies and add just a bit of seasoning. Nowadays that just doesn’t cut it. Not only do I want a recipe to be quick and healthy but I also want great flavor.

When I first started cooking for myself in college I ran into one of Ellie Krieger’s cookbooks. She’s a nutritionist with multiple books and her own TV show. Right now on her homepage she has a quote -> “I crave food that is bursting with flavor and aroma, food that draws you in and leaves your satisfied – and guess what? That food can also be healthy!”. Just what I want in my food! Before I got into reading healthy living blogs, she was the person I turned to for healthy eats.

A couple years later, her food is exactly what I’ve been craving so I brought the cookbook back out and searched for some flavorful veggie recipes. I found my old standby  – Cucumber Salad.

It’s so stinkin’ simple! Do a little chopping.

I always have fun removing the seeds in the cucumbers. It makes me feel like a fancy chef for some reason.

For my husband who needs help succeeding in the face project:

Please don’t forget to rinse off the salt after it has been sitting on the veggies! I’ve done it before. That first bite is a bit rough.

Mix it with the dressing and you’re almost done!

Oh and don’t forget the dill which I did until I looked at this picture and realized something was missing. The dill adds a ton of flavor.

A great combination of flavor and crunch. Now that it’s a bit hotter out, it’s nice to cool off with a side salad like this. It’s not soup weather anymore!

I am proud to say that I followed the entire recipe. After this debacle you know I would. 🙂

Ellie Krieger has a new book out and I’ll be picking it up soon. Hopefully she’ll have a lot of new, tasty stuff! I’ll be sure to post a couple in the coming weeks.

Do you have a favorite cookbook or chef? I have so many!