operation NO CANDY

I love candy but it’s just no good.

my first weapon of choice

I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that I have a major sweet tooth – I made a joke about eating a whole box of Mike and Ikes! I think I did that because I know it’s bad and wanted to make light of the situation. Hmm, deep.

Growing up I took my prized dollars straight to the candy aisle. If there was candy in the house, I would find it and eat it until it was gone.

First off I have to defend my parents and say that we ate pretty healthy growing up – only having a cookie or two as our nightly dessert. And I’m proud to say we NEVER had soda unless you count a little ginger ale for an upset stomach. You’d think I wouldn’t want candy that badly because of our healthy eating, but I do. Odd.

Lately I’ve noticed that I buy candy even if I’m not craving it! I stand there in the aisle at the supermarket asking my husband to help me choose because I really don’t want any!! I know it makes me feel like crap after I eat it and I know it’s not healthy. Why the heck do I eat it?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

my second weapon of choice

Or not and I’ll figure it out for us. I just wanted to use that Coffee Talk line. 🙂

My answer is one word, habit. Habits are so engrained in our human brains. We are comfortable with routine even if it’s not healthy (or so it seems)!

Friday night after dinner, it’s treat time. Feeling suuuper tired, it’s treat time. Feeling like crap, it’s treat time. Candy is comfort to me.

It affects my sleep habits, my happiness, my training for the 10k, my health, and many more things I’m sure. Because it screws up so much of my life, I’ve decided that I’ve got to stop this bad habit right here, right now. I’ve attempted to stop before but I gave myself wiggle room to have smaller pieces of candy. Obviously that didn’t work. This time I’m going to stop cold turkey. NO CANDY.

To help retrain my brain and break the habit I’ve found other options for the different scenarios. I’m going to eat something healthier (like fruit or a healthy dessert by Angela) if I want candy, take a nap if I’m super tired, or get moving if I’m in a slump. I think that having these alternatives at the ready will really help me overcome the problem.

Now hopefully after my husband reads this post, he’ll join in. Right bud? Often if one of us caves the other will too, so it’d be good if we do this together. (This isn’t a plea, I know he’ll want to join in!)

I’m going food shopping this afternoon to pick up my alternatives so we can start the new habits ASAP.

If I win this battle it’s going to be so freeing! I’ll feel better overall, spend less time on the couch, and more time with my family. <- Moving towards a more fulfilling life.

Do you have any tips to help me break my candy habit? I’d love to hear any thoughts!