This year is going to be an adventure! We just moved to a new city and bought a new (to us) house so there’s lots of work to be had in that department. On top of all reno and DIY projects I have a couple other things that I’d like to achieve. I’m hoping for some positive changes and lots of learning in the months ahead.

  1. Yoga/Meditation/Stretching 3 times a week – A continuation from last years resolution that worked out wonderfully.
  2. Don’t let food go bad! – It pains me to throw away veggies that I don’t get to in time. Often my husband and I are too tired or too lazy to cook a meal that we’ve already bought the ingredients for so it goes bad. To help the problem we are going to try and make NO purchases during the week. That way we aren’t tempted by the pizza chains or the infamous junk food runs when our feet are dragging. Come to think of it, it’ll improve our healthy eating habits too!
  3. Cook new recipes – I read some amazing healthy living and food blogs but rarely do I use the awesome recipes I read about. I hope to cook at least one new recipe each week. Maybe on the weekend so I have more time?
  4. Volunteer often – There are tons of people, places, and animals that need help. It’s high time to do my part. This blog will be my proof!
  5. Write – I’ve always been afraid of writing. I’m an artist not a smartypants or at least that’s what I think. Writing this blog will improve my skill, bring clarity to my life, and help me in connecting with people that I might not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

After rereading what I just wrote I must say I’m excited for all the challenges ahead!

Good luck to you and your list of resolutions. Happy (belated) New Year!!


ahh, yoga

I started practicing yoga about 3 years ago. I played sports all my life but yoga for me is about my mental state, the physical strength I gain is just a plus. Last new years (2010) I made a resolution to practice some sort of yoga/meditation/stretching 3 times a week. Sometimes it was only 5 minutes and sometimes it was an hour-long class. Either way I succeeded and it kept me in a present, happy state of mind (MOST of the time at least).

Even though I’ve kept up my resolution, I didn’t take any full classes in the past two weeks during my break from work. Combined with the amount of cookies I ate, it was not a great combo for my return back to the real world. Why oh why do I do this to myself? I tossed and turned for hours on end last night dreading the day.

As I lay there in bed I realized that I had run a 5k on Sunday but I hadn’t stretch since! My hips were killing me. With my husband snoring away next to me I maneuvered my way into a half-reclining hero pose (the pose below but with one leg out in front). I think I even laughed to myself because of how silly I felt but hey. I took the time to really breathe into the joints on each leg. It still took some more focused breathing and more time for me to fall asleep but man did my hips feel better!

Another plus – I came up with blog topics and found some great companies to follow on twitter which I just joined (@hippieitch). Good times.

Here’s to a good nights sleep tonight and some hatha yoga tomorrow!