she could be my friend

“She could be my friend.” This has been a pretty common line that I dish out to my husband whenever I see a potential bud. “She could be my friend if she weren’t walking away and not interacting with me. Darn! Maybe next time.” This is not the best way to find your new BFF. I have realized this and am finally figuring out my plan of attack.

So I work from home. I just recently moved to a new city and I work from home. I am no longer in school and I work from home. The bottom line? I have no friends (and I work from home). Well I have no friends in the city that I currently live in – no friends at all would just be horribly depressing! Anyways, I have a couple ideas on how to fix this problem and here they are:

  1. join a gym – I’m hoping to meet some people at yoga class. Regularly seeing them twice a week makes it much easier for me to start a conversation.
  2. join clubs – There are so many different types of clubs to join. I’ve already joined one volunteer club and will be joining more soon! Sunday night bowling? I’m in.
  3. meet the neighbors – This is a given but for people like my husband and I it’s tough. Hi I’m going to randomly come to your house and introduce myself! Maybe a beer or three should be consumed before we attempt such a grand gesture.
  4. volunteer – As you know I’ve volunteered once so far. I met some really great people with similar passions which is nice!
  5. patience – I know I might not find a best friend tomorrow but man I wish! I need to remember that friendships take time.

I’ll keep you posted on my search. I bet there will be some great stories! If any potential friends are reading this right now, I have one requirement – must love dogs.

the beginning of our friendship