One night I couldn’t sleep to save my life: why the heck is a fully capable person like me wasting away at a desk job? Why am I not putting my effort into something worthwhile? This is me – yoga enthusiast, treehugger, animal lover, and DIY wannabe, trying to figure out where I truly belong. Join me on my wacky journey into becoming a _______ and curing my Hippie Itch!

Feel free to email me -> hippieitch {at} gmail {dot} com

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7 comments on “About

  1. Thanks for the follow!!! Looking forward to reading more from your blog as I’m too searching for changes!

  2. mygrandmasplate says:

    love the name of your blog!!! 🙂 looking forward to reading more!

  3. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.
    You can read about what you need to do here: http://yourstruliejulie.wordpress.com/2012/04/25/the-versatile-blogger-award/ and get a copy of the Award picture (http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/blog-button/) to place on your blog.
    Please note, the award is completely optional and you do not have to accept.

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