floors and walls

It’s been a couple weeks since I talked about the house. Al and I needed a little break from weekends filled with Lowe’s trips and physical labor. Now that we’re a bit refreshed, we’ve both started on new projects.

Way back in February I wrote a post about a DIY privacy window. I had to paint the crazy red trim as well as the window. Finally, this past weekend, I had the urge to paint the rest of the red trim as well as the walls.

Since that last window project, we’ve put in all new energy-efficient windows throughout the whole house so I won’t have to paint the entire window this time around. <- I’m so glad!

This weekend, all I did was prep the room for painting.

Do you know how difficult it is to take border wallpaper down?! In the beginning I didn’t score the paper enough so the pieces coming off were tiny. I wanted to cry.

I finally got a better system down and yelled out things like, ‘Yeah baby!’ or ‘Aww yeeeah!’ when I got a big piece to come off. Note that I had no audience to hear my cheers. It’s the little things in life.

After about 5 total hours of removing wall paper, I spackled all the holes and wiped down the walls.

Do you see the difference in the wall color that was behind the paper and the wall below it? That’s after I wiped down the walls! Nasty.

I don’t have any more progress for my project but I do have the paint already!

If you’re a cheapo like me, you regularly check the sale sections in whatever store you happen to be in… just in case. At Lowe’s for me these sections include rugs, gardening, and painting. In the painting department sometimes they have a shelf full of mistakes and returned gallons so I almost always check to see if they have any colors that I’d like.

On Friday I lucked out big time with a neutral light gray. A paint & primer combo for 5 bucks!

I’m hoping to work on painting everything this week so we can actually open our dressers drawers again. All the furniture is squished in the middle of the room. 🙂


Unlike my small progress, Al has done a ton of  backbreaking work! He is in the middle of installing bamboo floors in the lower level of the house which includes the office/dog room, a hallway, and the big den.

The rest of the house has woods floors while this lower level has linoleum wood grain tiles so we wanted to update the area to make it more cohesive.

We chose bamboo because it’s very durable and ‘greener’ than regular woods floors. Compared to wood it grows much faster because bamboo is a grass not a wood. It also reaches maturity in 5 years and when harvested the root source is left in tack so the bamboo can grow back. (source)

It’s also about the same price as regular wood floors so it was an easy choice for me!

At the moment, Al has finished the office and the hallway. Next weekend he hopes to complete the den.

Then it’s on to wood putty and more painting. If we ever finish painting this house, it’ll be a miracle!

Check back next week for what I hope is a recap and ‘after’ photos of both projects!

Have you ever laid your own floors? It’s tough! I’m so proud of Al for sticking with it.

17 comments on “floors and walls

  1. mom says:

    Kudos to my favorite son-in-law for such a back breaking job!

  2. Erica says:

    I’ve never laid down floors before. I’ve always toyed with larger renovation ideas for our house, but so far have chickened out. You’re making me think I should just go for it 🙂

  3. amanda says:

    You guys are BEASTS! I’m super impressed 🙂

  4. Wow – you guys are home improvement dynamos!

  5. We just painted our entire living room, dining room and kitchen this weekend and my job was to remove the border in the kitchen…it was a PAIN! I have mad respect for Al installing that floor – kudos! I have a hideous border in my bedroom as well I’d like to remove but that project is down the road a little bit. Can’t wait to see more of your progress!

    • Adrienne says:

      Oh my gosh, that’s a TON of painting! I’m super impressed. You just reminded me that we have a little border in the kitchen that the previous owners painted over! Dang.

  6. elisariva says:

    I think wallpaper companies make it hard so you will mark up the walls, give up on paint, and buy more wallpaper! Great job on the bamboo floor!

  7. Little Sis says:

    Wallpaper is evil. We had some when we moved in that was colored to look like velvet. All over. Not good. Glad you’re seeing some progress.

  8. Wow! So impressed with the house projects you are taking on! I can’t imagine redoing floors. They new ones look great. And i LOVE the messed up paint section too – it’s a must check!

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