personalizing some store-bought decor

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The other day I was at Target scanning the sale items per usual. Some decor pieces were calling my name so I picked up two.

Al and I obviously both have ‘A’ names so when I saw this big letter, the graphic designer in me had to buy it. And the motto in our house is ‘Everything happens for a reason.’ so there you go. I swiped these babies off the shelf within minutes of seeing them. Ha.

I knew I wanted to alter them since we’ve had enough of dark wood in this house. Like the past two home projects, I painted the pieces to help them fit into our progressing decor.

I roughed up the wood with sandpaper to help the paint bond before starting. Then I painted a couple coats of some colored acrylic paint that I had laying around as well as latex wall paint.

A little tip! I learned a ton about art while in school but for some reason I really remember this specific ‘rule’ very well: Don’t gunk up your paintbrush like I did in the image on the left. The paint will collect where the bristles attach and become unusable. It’ll also hurt your brush over time because it’s tough to get all the paint out when it’s jammed up into the metal. If that happens, the paint can dry and clump up the smooth bristles. Keeping the paint toward the end of the bristles will keep things cleaner and give you a nice, crisp stroke! Interesting, eh?

So anyways, I painted the ‘A’ white on the front and yellow on the sides. The yellow acts as a little or large pop of color depending on the angle. Fun!

With the saying, I painted the frame white and the original dark red trim a messy hot pink.

I’m normally a clean, straight lines kinda gal but I like the rough look (for example the white on the ‘A’ isn’t uniform) in combination with more contemporary colors. It’s a nice little twist. More homey perhaps?

I’ve got a lot of yellow going on in this living room so my new additions will probably make there way to the foyer or another room but for now I’m just admiring the results. It’s crazy what a little paint can do! Keep a look out for those end of the isle deals at Target. You never know what you might find!

How have you spruced up your space?

2 comments on “personalizing some store-bought decor

  1. The finished products look great! I occasionally DIY stuff I find at thrift stores, but it rarely turns out the way I want it to. Painting my room was an experience in itself – at least that project was a success!

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