asian stir-fry with swiss chard & green onion

Just a short time ago, I had no idea how to cook greens. The only greens I ate were in the form of salad. For me, salads get old quick even with different toppings so learning how to cook them was awesome.

Al and I went to Lauren’s house this past weekend where she made a VERY tasty kale stir-fry. She didn’t even use a recipe! I bow down to people like that.

I asked her lots of questions that night so that I’d be able to attempt my own soon. Today was that day and I have to say it turned out quite well!

Of course I winged it and added in some extra items as always. I skipped the carrots in the picture above but I did include swiss chard, green onions, garlic, peas, and ginger.

We now have a box from Walnut Hill Farms so each week we head to the Lakeside Farmer’s Market and they fill ‘er up with whatever vegetables or fruit they have. Needless to say we have A TON of vegetables to use which is why I tried to put so much into the stir-fry. I don’t want anything to go bad! It’s one of my new year’s resolutions after all.

The prep took a while since I had so much to chop. I cut up all the green onions I had and froze a good amount. I figure I can toss them into more stir-fry dishes down the road.

I got my big wok off our cool peg board to fit everything.

Then started a swiss chard assembly line. Lauren mentioned that I should cook the stems before the leaves since they take longer. Great tip!

I’ve had some candied ginger in my pantry for a long time now so I chopped it up and added it into the mix.

Per Lauren’s instructions, in vegetable oil I cooked the stems and green onions first then added the garlic, ginger, and finally the swiss chard. Lastly, I added rice vinegar and soy sauce to braise it all for a while.

I was concerned in the beginning that not everything would fit in the pot but as you can see, it cooked down a lot!

This dish was great – lots of healthy vegetables and flavor. It’s definitely not as tasty as Laruen’s version but I figure with time I’ll get out the kinks! I think it still needs a little heat but the ginger did add a nice little spice to the soy sauce flavoring. It was like sushi in a bowl. 🙂

I hope to add this into our weekly dinner rotation. Now I just need all the extra asian sauces to top it off! YUM.

What’s your favorite greens dish?

10 comments on “asian stir-fry with swiss chard & green onion

  1. vegology says:

    Looks great, and you are too kind! I’m glad you picked up something useful from my fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants meal. And I love your peg board. I had one in our last apartment and I miss it now!

  2. det-res says:

    I love kale. I just haven’t ever cooked it myself. This is great recipe. Thank you.

  3. I love stir-fry! My favorite part of getting our produce share on Wednesdays is having so many different options for it. I added some “cauliflower rice” in mine last night. Im putting together a post about it now.

  4. I’m a newbie at cooking greens too, honestly! I wouldn’t have known to cook the stems first!!! that’s a handy tip!

  5. I love sauteed spinach. Last night I had a crazy dinner to use up farmers market items…sauteed spinach and arugula, broiled sweet potato chips, and then I sprinkled raisins and mustard over everything. Weird, but tasty!

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