a passion for puzzles

You got a little worried that I wasn’t going to blog on Thursday didn’t ya? Well here’s Thursday’s post… on Sunday.


Stemming from my post from Monday,  I decided to revive little healthy habit that I’ve always had.


With some challenge and creativity they help keep the mind sharp and depending on what kind you do, you can also get good one-on-one time with family and friends.

I love puzzles and I always have. Not just jigsaw puzzles like the world map that I immortalized in smelly puzzle glue (in elementary school, don’t worry) but puzzles in any form whether it be in board games, sudoku, crosswords, etc.

Lately I’ve been playing Scrabble and Bananagrams with my family. So FUN. The TV is off, we’re learning a bit, and actually having conversation. My husband and I don’t chat much while watching TV, so taking a break from it to get competitive and chat is great.

my sister – winning as always.

On the weekends when we’re watching TV and it’s movie time I often push for a documentary. Again for the education! Maybe it’s my ‘old’ age but I haven’t been feeling other genres for a while. I do need to get crackin’ on the award winners though.

So this Friday when I was fighting for a documentary I kept our recent board game habit in mind. I tortured my husband by making him sit through an hour and twenty minutes of a Scrabble documentary called Word Wars. I know what you’re thinking – ‘Poor husband!’ BUT I frequently asked him if he wanted to watch something else and he said ‘no’ even with a pretty bored look on his face. He stuck it out until the end! Good man.

If you’re curious and dorky like me, anagrams, tons of overlapping, and seven letter words are the way to win if you want to be a Scrabble national champion. They average 400-500 points per game! Very impressive. If I break 100 it’s a tolerable game for me!

The point of this random post? I thought I’d show you how I’m making progress in sticking to my Moments, Mondays, and Mornings  plan.

There are sooooo many different things you can do to make your life a healthy one. This is just another example!

Do you have a healthy habit that you’ve stuck with for a while?

3 comments on “a passion for puzzles

  1. I LOVE Scrabble, and no one will ever play with me!!! (Can we play at the next #VAis4Bloggers meet up? haha) it was so fun getting to meet you in person today!!! 🙂

  2. Carole says:

    I love puzzles too. The only problem with jigsaws is that they take up so much storage. You might like to look at my series on solving cryptic crossword clues. It has now turned into a daily clue series. This is where you can find the very first one http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2012/01/cryptic-crosswords-solving-hints-1.html
    If you aren’t already into this sort of puzzle, give it a go. I find them much more satisfying than ordinary crosswords.

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