yummy: homestyle chocolate chip cookies with sea salt

Sarah Matheny is the author of the blog Peas and Thank You. She has also written a cookbook of the same name. If you want a great laugh along with some healthy recipes, you’ve got to buy her book! Yesterday I read the story that went along with a recipe called ‘Hugh Jass Salad’ (get it?!). I laughed out loud while reading it and then read the whole thing first to my sister and again to my husband. Sarah is hilarious and awesome.


Remember how I like to change up ingredients often (shown here & here)? Well it sure doesn’t work with baking! I knew this but I guess I wanted to live life on the edge Sunday when I attempted Sarah’s Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt.

This lead to a redo batch on Tuesday which was much better and very tasty.

Since I made so many mistakes on my first batch I thought I’d do a little show and tell! Maybe one of you will learn from my lapse in baking judgement.

It is necessary to tell you that the first batch was completed by my husband (but overseen by me) with beer in hand. Could it be his fault? Possibly. Shall I pick on him for it? Maybe Another day.

Error number one:
We didn’t sift the flour which made the cookies more dense. I also decided to throw it some random cornmeal that I wanted to use up. ?? I think adding the cornmeal was the main reason the taste was off and the cookies were super dry.

Take two:
I sifted all the dry ingredients together like I was supposed to do!

Error number two:
I didn’t let the butter sit out to bring it to room temperature. I did the whole – let’s just put it in the microwave to make it soft like room temperature. Not the same! The dough was super lumpy and no matter how hard we stirred, the butter wouldn’t mix with the other liquids. This made a huge splattering mess.

Take two (notice the splatter residue caked on the mixer from the first batch):

Error number three:
We didn’t add the dry mixture slowly into the wet mixture. Along with not letting the butter sit out, I think this mistake added to the lumpiness.

Take two:

Look how much smoother and more appetizing this second batch looks!

The results of batch one:

At least I got a cute Roary pic out of the first batch.

The results of the yummy second batch:

The edges look much smoother, they were more moist, and the cookies tasted better overall. They have even been approved by my Mrs. Fields chocolate chip cookie loving husband.

The cookies disappeared fast. I couldn’t take a picture quick enough.

Now there’s no link to Sarah’s recipe since it’s from her cookbook so you’ll just have to buy it if you want to make these cookies! I don’t want to give away all her hard work.

Oh and there’s a literal face in this post since I was told by a certain family member that the faces in this post were too difficult to find. 🙂

Have you had any silly cooking mistakes or disasters? Do you like to wing it?

8 comments on “yummy: homestyle chocolate chip cookies with sea salt

  1. elisariva says:

    Great way to share your experience! Corn meal?? That had me laughing. Loved the pooch face by te cookies. Now I have a new cook book to order.

  2. Haha I never sift my ingredients. I’m too lazy! Is that bad? Probably 😉 At least you got it right the second time!

  3. Cookies look great. I baked traditional Tollhouse for my b-friend on Saturday.
    I used to be really impatient with baking and would just keep things moving along and not do the extra steps involved but I have found that actually following the directions and taking time makes for much better results.

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