diy: privacy window

Remember the 90’s cloud-like, floral, drapes? Well our house was covered in them when we first moved in. The previous owner went the extra mile with the master bedroom and bathroom by painting the trim and heat vents (?) RED to match the drapes and floral border. Classy.

The first thing I did in the house was take down all of those drapes and donate them to Goodwill. I’m not sure if anyone would want to buy them but I tried to do a good thing!

We live on a corner so without curtains in the house and specifically the master bathroom, every neighbor could have their chance at a good show. My husband said that the shutters left by the previous owners (that just sat precariously on the window sill) covered enough but I begged to differ. For a week or so before I came up when the following classy drapes alternative I even showered with the light off out of paranoia. HA.


For now I’ll tolerate the green tiling and floral wallpaper border but I wanted to fix the privacy issue and tackle that red paint.


I just want to start off the process by saying that you need to do your research beforehand! In my steps I had a series of small issues like accidentally painting the glass with the white window paint (which led me to redo the frosted glass spray), applying the paint too thin, applying the paint too thick, and trouble removing the painters tape. I would have saved myself a good amount of time if I had prepped better. I won’t make that mistake again!

First off, I prepped by sanding any rough areas and washing down the window with some soap and water. You don’t want any dust or dirt to stop your paint from adhering well.

Then I taped the window to prep it for the spray paint. I should have spray painted after the window paint was completely dry but I’ll explain my process so you don’t make the same mistakes. 🙂

the window taped and sides protected with paper

It’s pretty rough and not healthy to spray paint inside so make sure you’ve got as many windows open as possible. I only did one pane at a time to let the dust settle.

after frosting

Next up I taped off the window edges and primed the surface with two coats. (I didn’t figure out how to get good coloring in my photos until the end of my process so the color is pretty off!)


I primed the window with painters tape so I got a small amount on my freshly frosted glass. Come on Adrienne! Then to try to salvage my poor painting job I added Frog Tape to the windows to protect them from the two white top coats.
This helped a ton!

top coats

If I had properly tapped everything in the beginning then I would have been able to use my larger brush to paint. Since I didn’t do that, I used a small one inch brush to get into the small areas.

After two weekends and three days of work (which is a ridiculous amount of time) my privacy window was finally finished!



You can see there’s a little red paint left but I think it turned out pretty well! I know the frosted glass works because I made my husband test it out at night while I stood outside like a creeper and watched him to see if I could make anything out. HA.

Let’s recap because I’m sure you’re really confused on what steps to take when:

  1. tape off the glass and around the window with Frog Tape
  2. sand any rough areas with a fine sandpaper
  3. wash off the window with a little sponge, soap, and water
  4. paint the window with two coats of primer
  5. paint the window with two coats of top coat
  6. right after the top coat is done, remove the painters tape
  7. wait about a day to let the paint completely dry and then tape off the window
  8. spray paint the glass with the frosted spray – use as directed
  9. remove the rest of the tape and you’re done!

This isn’t the ‘greenest’ project I’ve done but I’m glad I was able to reuse one material. That’s something right? I’ll also be able to use the rest of the materials when I finish painting all that red trim in the rest of the bathroom and bedroom.

PLEASE promise me you’ll never paint trim a crazy color. Stick with white or even off-white if you want to go super crazy!

6 comments on “diy: privacy window

  1. Looks very pretty and serene!

  2. amanda says:

    Wow. Much better!! The green even looks less green with the red trim gone – BONUS 🙂

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