the oven incident

We’re going to sidetrack a bit today. I have a ridiculous story with embarrassing photos to match. It’s gonna be a hoot.

On Tuesday night I popped some sweet potato fries into the oven for dinner. Fifteen minutes in, the oven timer decided to go off even though I hadn’t touched it, let alone know how to work it. Just to let you know, this oven is beat up – I’m pretty sure it came with the house which was built in 1970.

The random buzzing has happened before. Last time my husband pushed buttons and turned the broken timer knob until it stopped. Wednesday was a little different. My sister and I were alone. We pushed every stinking button and knob that we saw but nothing did the trick!

After 20 minutes of trying to make it stop we succumbed to the noise and sat on the floor…in the middle of the kitchen. Our complaining stopped and the oddball behavior began. I harmonized with the buzzer while my sister referenced a classic Dane Cook joke – “Hellloooo, I’m a caaaaarr”. Anyone know that joke? It’s about creating lyrics to a car alarm. Silly Dane.

Prepare yourself. The following image is what 20 minutes of ear piercing buzzing does to a person – a horrific facial expression and the inspiration to doodle a masterpiece. I wanted a new oven and I wanted it that second.


Once my husband was home from work and he couldn’t stop the buzzing either, we decided to just unplug the dang thing. He first locked the oven door in order to pull the whole thing out without the door falling off. At the time this made sense. Little did we know it would be the reason for the oven’s demise.

The oven was then unplugged. Ahh, silence! The buzzing had stopped and the ringing in my ears began.

We pushed the oven back into place and then went to get the fries out. The lock to the door was completely STUCK. I tried, my sister tried, and then we had to call the big guns back in.

While my husband attempted to force the door to unlock my sister asked, ‘Are those sweet potato fries in there?’

Me: ‘Yes.’

My sister: ‘Well then you’ve GOT to get them out!!’

Yikes. I guess she likes them a lot?

The door wasn’t budging so it was on to plan B. The crowbar. I had already decided in my head that I was getting a new oven in spite of my old one so I didn’t care if my husband was about to destroy it.

I couldn’t bare be in the same room or even look because I was afraid some metal object was going to fly at my head with all the force my husband was using to get the door open!

save the fries!

The fries were finally saved and the oven was dead. The damage really doesn’t look too bad in the picture but the door was cracked and the handle broke off.

the damage - see a face dad?

Today my new oven arrived. It’s shiny, pretty, and I haven’t heard it make a peep yet.

"Shiny, very shiny"

It’s like someone KNEW I needed/wanted an oven. The appliance gods have spoken and I shall now cook to honor them.

This post is ridiculous I know. It has nothing to do with being hippie OR having an itch. It was just such a random event that I wanted to share it with you all tonight.

Look out for lots of healthy dishes! I can’t wait to try it out!

2 comments on “the oven incident

  1. elisariva says:

    Love the story!!! As soon as you wrote that he locked the door, i asked out loud “what about the fries??” Best reason ever to buy a new stove. I would have just said get a stainless steel one to match the fridge way before it broke.

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