olivia – week 2

I have a shadow and it’s name is Olivia. Olivia has a shadow and it’s name is Roary. This results in a doggie conga line every time I go anywhere. As I type right now I have to pee terribly but I don’t want to start the party! Fun times at this household.

Anyways, I’m going to keep with the same topics as her week one post so it’s easier to compare her progress. Here we go.

The dog park this past weekend was an improvement. Instead of smelling and running around by herself, she actually interacted with dogs! She ran with confidence and spent more time away from me. Roary even acknowledged her at the park now that she has realized Olivia will be sticking around!

can you tell she's more comfortable? 🙂

She is now eating regularly and taking treats although she still gets skittish if too many people are near her bowl. I’ve been giving her less and less of the the wet dog food to wean her off of it and she’s still eating well which is great. Roary the Fatty can’t keep her nose out of Olivia’s bowl so I’ll be very happy when the wet dog food is gone!

On our walks this past week I’d say she only freezes in fear once or twice which is awesome. People are her main issue now although she did pretty well yesterday when we encountered a lot. Anyways, if they are walking or running towards us she might try to move away in fear or bark. Bark! Can you believe it? That’s not a good thing for her to do of course but at least she’s showing some strength. Also, most of the time she’s still pulling so when it gets too severe I stop walking and wait until she loosens the tension (like last week).

potty training
She has gotten much better at this! I don’t recall any accidents in the house last week. Now that our fence is up (I’m really sorry trees but I needed it!) she has gotten used to going in the backyard regularly. Dare I say we’re done with this issue?!

roary & playing
Last week I saw Olivia pounce Roary’s Christmas stocking. Her first playful act! I have no idea where the stocking came from or how it got to the middle of the living room floor but I froze with excitement. That was just the beginning. Olivia now wrestles and chases Roary in the backyard. It’s a wonderful sight to see considering we had no idea how much time it would take her to relax and open up. A week and a half I suppose!

napping after the dog park.

Roary now expects Olivia to play with her often which Olivia could care less about. Example -> Roary drops a toy in front of Olivia. No dice. Roary then whimpers dramatically like the drama queen she is, “Why won’t you play with me?! I gave you my toy! My life is OVER.” Less then five minutes later Olivia is still asleep and Roary has joined her. It’s entertaining to say the least.

Oh and as a tip to other people with a new second dog:  Since Olivia is so mellow I went ahead and made her and Roary sleep in the same (giant) crate every night. I’d say if you have two dogs that seem to get along just fine then go for it! It might help speed up the bonding process.

the husband
My husband was gone all last week so we didn’t expect much progress when he got home on Friday. We were pleasantly surprised! She’s still jumpy around him but doesn’t run away in fear. She even approached him multiple times at the dog park! We couldn’t believe it. So far he has taken her and Roary on two walks by himself. Before he couldn’t even get her out the door let alone to the street! Amazing.

aww, bonding. can you see roary?

All in all it was an awesome week with lots of surprises. I’m hoping she’ll really shock me and start playing with toys in the next couple weeks. She often sees Roary running around while growling like a maniac with sticks and toys in her mouth you’d think she’d catch on! Maybe, just maybe.

P.S. My next post won’t be about dogs I promise!

Sidenote: I need to get a weekly schedule down for my posts since it’s a little sporadic at the moment. Right now I’m trying to decide on how often I want to write and when it is possible for me to do it! I hope to figure it out soon and I’ll let you know what the plan is when I do. Thanks for bearing with me in the process!

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